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We recently caught up with Jackson Hole native, John ‘Rodo’ Rodosky, during his lunch break. He’s been working at the legendary digital cinema film company, Brain Farm, where he’s involved with shooting, editing and post-production management. After competing in park and pipe for years, he made the transition to freeriding and began taking his tricks to the cliffs and has been throwing down in big mountain comps since 2009.
What’s in store for this winter?
This season I’ll base out of Jackson, sled, film and have fun. I’d be down for the SFS15.
Which SFS mountains will you compete at?

Telluride is sick. I’m psyched for the Snowbird stop because I rode there for four years and I love that mountain. The bird has the most classic venues of freeride comps. Both Silver Fox and Baldy are versatile; both give you a ton of options to get super billy goat and hit jumps the whole way down.

What’s your take on ‘freeride’?
Freeriding is pretty much riding without your brain. Your brain is pretty much floating 10 feet behind you and you’re riding based on instinct and spontaneity.
That an interesting thought… can you elaborate on ‘headless’ riding?

Every face is unique and has it’s own set of challenges. Before a comp, study the face as much as possible, think about every rock and turn. Visualize yourself on the competition face. Once you start to second guess something in your line, stop thinking about it. When it’s go time, just ride with that level of spontaneity. You don’t pick things you’re gonna die on, so commit, switch it off and let the part of you that snowboards do the rest.

You’ve competed in big mountain for six years. Why do you like the sport so much?

Competing pushes you to be creative and it’s challenging. If you’ve ever tried to explain to someone what it’s like competing in big mountain skiing/boarding, you know how badass you feel—who wouldn’t want to ski big mountain!?

To stand out on the mountain, what’s the trick?

Go conservative and land your airs or put all of your chips in and just rip. The guy or gal taking home the Sickbird buckle is the one riding like that and who everyone at the bottom is watching and cheering for.

Past season highlights video of Rodo:


RodoBoardin’ 11/12 from John Rodosky on Vimeo.